Quiz for children: Everything can be taught – except the discretion (of what’s worth learning)

Life seems to be a choice between two wrong answers.
– Sharyn McCrumb

quiz for children

Do you know what am I going to talk about quiz for children? You are wrong! Read on…!

What? You don’t know? Can’t grasp the initial quote? Read on…!

(Choice between two wrong answers can’t be worse than this :-()

A Diversion:

In fact, this article is not a quiz for children. It’s quiz for parents – you. Tomorrow’s world would require your kids not only to be capable to earn their bread, but also to sustain and grow themselves in competition.

They not only need to be extra-capable, extra-efficient, but also super-knowledgeable and ingeniously creative.

They need to learn things different way than you did.

It’s great to buy amazing cloths for your kids.
But as time flies, you will realize it’s also important for them to learn what’s worth wearing.

It’s great to make them great recipes when they come back home.
But as they grow, it’s also important to make them realize what should be eaten at what times. And off course, what should be avoided.

This was to be for Quiz for Children – what does all this mean, after-all?

Parental discretion can greatly help up to certain age, but that’s never guaranteed to sustain. It cripples their transition to maturity.

Blast of information and networking ensures that your kids ought to be lot more independent than you once thought. And they need to self-dependent far earlier than you yourself became.

Like food, fashion and career, and more than all of them, learning requires discretion.

It’s true that everything can be taught.
But what’s worth learning can’t be!

So what are you getting at, finally?

Your kids not only need to know and memorize the facts.
They also need extra-super judgement about what’s worth their attention.

They need to observe, keenly observe, and grasp useful things fast.
They need to distract from trash even faster.
They must know what to avoid, and how quickly.

They not only need to know what’s correct answer to a given question, out of choices given to them.
They also need to know why it’s single most correct answer.
They also need to know why all other answers are wrong – to make that single answer the most correct.

They also need to know what’s worse than being right, and what’s worst – the wrongest!
In a life when you simply can’t resist what’s worst, you can at least choose how to react to it.

(Now you know why I quoted Sharyn McCrumb in the beginning…)

Being able to choose a wrong answer is a special ability that everyone possesses. But it must be cultivated. Your kids must decide whether to hate or laugh at the wrongest. And if they are trained at it, they can easily do so.

Not convinced?
The real magnetic test of an iron rod A is not whether it can attract another iron rod B.  Come on, even B could be a magnet.
The real test would be, whether A repels B or not. Only a magnet can repel another magnet, not an iron rod.

Repulsion is the true test of magnetism, not attraction.

Likewise, incorrect answers are correct proof of knowledge, not the correct ones! That’s why, NTQZ punishes the player for the right answer, and rewards him/her for the wrongest of all.

NTQZ  (aNTiQuiZ) – iPhoneGameZone’s newest iPhone quiz for children, is an educational product aimed at raising your child’s wisdom bar. It incites your child with questions that surround amazing facts that just wait to be digested. The carefully chosen trivia questions simply open the door to so much content that your kids are hungrier after answering them. They just can’t stop reading encyclopedia articles surrounding it.

What’s more, they are encouraged to be extremely creative (read wrong) about each of them, and are rewarded for them. The experience enhances their analytical strength and creativity. Leisure of being wrong is a fountainhead of creativity.

As a result, after taking NTQZ, your kids are not only knowledgeable, but also are wiser, wittier and funny.

With knowledge, they can’t lose a competition – that’s better than anything.

With wisdom, even if they lose, they don’t lose in life.

And what’s better than that? Huh?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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