Museum Tours 5.0 is out – on the app store!

Compatible with the newer iOS, offering so much on the platter – Museum Tours – it’s officially out!

With this version, Museum Tours officially targets homeschooling audiences and teachers alike. With as many as six most important Museum collections, including Science & Anthropology ones, it is set to become the first app you want to browse each morning to get your daily dose of World Museums. Simply because these collections don’t come as subscriptions, they come as just one time purchases!

For those curious arts scouts, this is the only app that offers most number of Museums across the world. Yes, Museum Tours has an unlimited collection that offers 2000+ Museums – as many as Wikipedia can offer.

And, let’s not forget, it is available in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish language too!

Along with Flickr, I am planning to bring more relevant set of artifacts during forthcoming updates. There is just so much possible with newer set of iOS 8 APIs, one needs to prioritize what to offer and what to wait for!

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