How to monetize iPhone Games

Alright, if you are here searching for answers, you have landed on the correct page.

But if you think I will provide an answer to this ever-perplexing question, you are in for some more wait. (I will reveal the “secret” – but after some more digging :-))

I have been involved in iOS development since more than 3 years now. Having chosen to be indie developer wasn’t an easy decision (it still isn’t :-)).

I developed apps.

I developed apps for my clients – to keep my family alive.

I developed apps for myself – to keep my portfolio bulging.

Treading the path of frequent innovations (devices, OS version updates, cut throat competition) – I have evolved. Evolved to think of better & quicker ways to get more done. And along the way I helped my end-customer achieve the same goal.

But ultimately it all comes down to single fact – do you survive by contributing to the world? Because if you cannot, the evolution cannot continue.

Hence, the question:

How do you make money selling your iPhone game?

More generically, (since not every revenue-generating app doesn’t have to be “sold”, there are ads and in-app purchases too!):

How do you make money selling your iOS app / game content?

As you already know, some people sell their apps & games for a price.

As you also know, some people don’t sell apps / games, but rather sell their “virtual spaces” to attractive entities known as ads. Free apps with ads – sounds familiar?

And some people make lethal & addictive combinations out of the existing ways, use game networks, socialize, tie their apps with real world business & what not. And for the same purpose they go to kickstarter and the likes to raise money. With all the money they raise, they raise hell by putting their ideas to work.

But nobody knows what’s that secret formula that’s sure to work. And there (perhaps) isn’t, either. I haven’t figured out mine yet.

As I said at the beginning of the post, I am not going to provide answers. So I am leaving it open & out.

Post in comments – what do you think is the best way to make money if you are in iOS market?

If you are looking for answers like me, post your questions too….all it takes is to make your presence felt.

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