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NTQZ – the novel concept education app for general knowledge trivia – has been upgraded on app store!

General Knowledge Trivia:

There are number of popular quiz apps for children, available on the web as well as on the app stores. Usually, any General Knowledge Trivia quiz contains questions aimed at revealing a lesser known fact about something very widely known.

Example: What color suit Bill Gates was wearing while presenting the first Windows OS version?

However, majority followers of General knowledge trivia find this boring – the content can at most, attract the creed of journalists, party mongers and page 3 enthusiasts. Such details require too large an attention span even over regular media.

Some other quizzes, in this sense, are reverse in nature technically. Questions revolve around lesser known trivia, leading to better known stuff. Like:

Question: National Socialist German Worker’s Party is shortly known as:

Answer: Nazi

Such quizzes are still general knowledge trivia, but are known as reverse trivia. The reversal is inserted in the kind of questions and answers. Questions look silly, answers the most authentic, sincere, great stuff. It can be a celebrity, a revolutionary event, or the greatest place to be.

The advantage of such reverse general knowledge trivia is, player is braced up for the element of surprise while answering the question – always wondering what is that big thing that’s hiding behind such innocent looking collection of phrases?

There is one downside though: The triviality of the question can render the player completely clueless, and hence bored. If the player is completely unaware of undercurrents during Nazi Party formation, he/she maybe unable to even wonder what the answer will be.

NTQZ – General Knowledge Trivia – of what kind?

NTQZ iPhone app has introduced yet another level of reversal in general knowledge trivia quizzes world. Here, instead of true answers, players are expected to come up with wrong answer.  And this single most factor opens infinite number of possibilities for players – especially children. Suddenly there is room to be extra-ordinarily funny.

The intent still remains sincere – like in any serious general knowledge trivia: you get to know the true fact. But unlike other quizzes where you get bored if you don’t know the answer, you still answer the question with brimming confidence – because NTQZ is there to certify your wits based on your answers!

Are these all features of a general knowledge trivia?

  • Like any other quiz app, it contains challenging questions aimed at boosting your child’s IQ – the focus is on General Knowledge trivia.
  • The twist in this quiz app is, funny answers are rewarded with positive points, while incorrect ones gets punished with negative points!
  • This quiz app questions range from many disciplines. They are capable of preparing your school child win QuizBowlsBrain BowlsOlympiadsWould Quizzing Champianship, and many more alike.
  • Quiz answers are not only funny but witty that can make him/her stand out of the group.
  • Contextual wikipedia help assists in grasping General knowledge trivia facts around the question.
  • Last but not the least: NTQZ iphone quiz app got a new icon that’s better representative of it’s theme.
  • Read more about NTQZ features here.


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